Motor vehicles

0. Registration entry for subjects

0.1 Name

Motor vehicles

0.2 Subject area

Tourism, transport and IT

0.3 Responsible authority; office, division, person etc.

0.4 Purpose and history

The aim is to collect and disseminate data on motor vehicles. Statistics are available from 1924.

0.5 Users and application

Various institutions and individuals interested in motor vehicles. A yearly extensive Questionnaire is sent by the EU.

0.6 Sources

Road Traffic Directorate.

0.7 Legal basis for official statistics

Act on Statistics Iceland No. 24/1913

0.8 Response burden

All figures that are published by Statistics Iceland are gathered from the website of the Road Traffic Directorate, so there is no response burden there.
A special request has to be sent to the Road Traffic Directorate to obtain figures for a yearly extensive questionnaire sent by the European Union (EU).

0.9 EEA and EU obligations

1. Contents

1.1 Description of content

Data covers the number and types of vehicles, as well as new registrations each year. The data is also categorised by registered domicile of owner each year. The data on number and types of vehicles is available from 1950.

1.2 Statistical concepts

2. Time

2.1 Reference periods

Year-end data.

2.2 Process time

It takes several days to process the figures from the website of the Road Traffic Directorate.

2.3 Punctuality

The figures for the previous year are accessible in the autumn.

2.4 Frequency of releases

Yearly in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland.
Yearly releases of web tables

3. Reliability and security

3.1 Accuracy and reliability

The data is considered reliable and accurate.

3.2 Sources of errors

3.3 Measures on confidence limits/accuracy

4. Comparison

4.1 Comparison between periods

Comparison between years is common and is regarded as reliable.

4.2 Comparison with other statistics

Data is comparable with data from the EU and EFTA countries

4.3 Coherence between preliminary and final statistics

No preliminary figures.

5. Access to information

5.1 Forms of dissemination

Statistics, categorised statistical web tables
Statistical Yearbook of Iceland, Landshagir

5.2 Basic data; storage and usability

The data is preserved in Excel format.

5.3 Reports

5.4 Other information

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