Date Title Subject
19.2.2019 Income statements and balance sheets for growing of crops and plant propagation 2008-2017 Agriculture
15.2.2019 World catch 2016 Fisheries
15.2.2019 Total catch was 47 thousand tonnes in January Fisheries
14.2.2019 Tourism short-term indicators Tourism
13.2.2019 Monthly balance of trade in goods and services for November 2018 External trade
11.2.2019 Population by parishes, congregations and deaneries 1 December 2018 Culture
8.2.2019 Rental cars by registration in February 2019 Tourism
7.2.2019 Registered enterprises and organisations 2018 Enterprises
7.2.2019 Price and volume indices for imports and exports, 4th quarter 2018 External trade
7.2.2019 Unemployment rate 2.4% in the 4th quarter Labour market
6.2.2019 A trade surplus of ISK 4,600 million in January 2019, according to preliminary figures External trade
5.2.2019 Total wage index 3rd quarter 2018 Wages and income
5.2.2019 Operational cost per student in primary schools in February 2019 Public finance
31.1.2019 Immigrants' social well-being in Iceland Quality of life
31.1.2019 A trade deficit in the year 2018 was ISK 174,400 million according to preliminary figures External trade
31.1.2019 4% increase in overnight stays in December Tourism
30.1.2019 Producer prices decreased by 1.6% from previous month Prices
30.1.2019 Value of catch in October 12.1 billion ISK Fisheries
29.1.2019 Consumer prices decreased by 0.41% between months Prices
28.1.2019 The population increased by 1,420 in the 4th quarter of 2018 Inhabitants
28.1.2019 Unadjusted Gender Pay Gap 2017 Wages and income
25.1.2019 Purchasing power per capita increased by 5.5% in 2017 National accounts
25.1.2019 Death rate of enterprises lowest in manufacturing and fisheries, highest in high technology manufacturing and services Enterprises
25.1.2019 Changes in the assessment of social well-being Quality of life
24.1.2019 Unemployment estimated 1.4% in December Labour market
23.1.2019 The wage index in December 2018 is essentially unchanged from the previous month Wages and income
23.1.2019 Turnover in enterprises that started operations in 2017 was 45.6 billion ISK Enterprises
22.1.2019 Employment in registers - 3rd quarter 2018 Labour market
21.1.2019 Compound annual turnover growth of five years old enterprises was 27% Enterprises
21.1.2019 The building cost index unchanged from previous month Prices
18.1.2019 Harmonized indices of consumer prices in December 2018 Prices
17.1.2019 Rental cars by registration in January 2019 Tourism
16.1.2019 Monthly balance of trade in goods and services for October 2018 External trade
15.1.2019 Number of employees in October 2018 Enterprises
15.1.2019 Total catch in 2018 was 1,259 thousand tonnes Fisheries
15.1.2019 VAT-turnover in September-October 2018 Enterprises
10.1.2019 Value of catch in September 10.9 billion ISK Fisheries
9.1.2019 A trade deficit of ISK 10,700 million in December 2018, according to preliminary figures External trade
9.1.2019 Tourism short-term indicators Tourism
7.1.2019 Operational cost per student in primary schools in January 2019 Public finance
7.1.2019 A trade deficit of ISK 163,900 million in the first eleven months of 2018 External trade
4.1.2019 Unemployment 2.9% in November Labour market