Statistics Iceland operates in accordance with the Act on Statistics Iceland and official statistics. The institution‘s work is also in line with the United Nations Fundamental Principles of National Official Statistics and the Principles of Statistics of the Government of Iceland. The staff of Statistics Iceland maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Act on the Rights and Duties of Government Employees and the institution has furthermore established its own rules on the handling of confidential data. Finally, Statistics Iceland participates in the statistical co-operation of countries within the European Economic Area in accordance with EU regulations on European statistics.

All information, which Statistics Iceland collects for statistical purposes and concerns individuals or legal entities, is treated as confidential. When publishing and disseminating statistics, information can be prevented from being traced to individuals or legal entities. Statistics Iceland has a certified management system for information security in accordance with the IISO / IEC 27001 standard, which covers all of the institution's activities. The experts working on a particular study have signed a confidentiality agreement and are the only ones who have access to the data in question.

Statistics Iceland places emphasis on ensuring that all processing of personal information is in accordance with the provisions of the Act on personal data protection and processing of personal information.

You can contact the privacy representative of Statistics Iceland by sending an e-mail to or by phone +354 528 1000.