Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics is a sub-category of official statistics that entails innovative production of statistics, and is intended to support official statistics. This website contains descriptions of the projects covered by experimental statistics being developed by Statistics Iceland.

Statistics Iceland publishes experimental statistics

Experimental statistics is intended to support official statistics and improve their quality by facilitating innovation in the production of official statistics and give users faster access to interesting statistical information.

Experimental statistics is meant to be short-term, but can also be a single publication of statistical information, a start of a new regular publication or a part of a statistical revision process of numbers already regularly published.

With experimental statistics, an opportunity is created to publish innovative statistical information of high value for users. For example, as part of experimental statistics, Statistics Iceland can publish numbers based on new or available data which may provide important information about topics that are prominent in the societal discourse. Moreover, the publication of experimental statistics offers a chance to give users access to statistics that are being produced with new methods which are being tested and developed.

Because of the innovative nature of experimental statistics, the quality and reliability of the data and the statistics produced may be unclear. Thus, all projects classified as experimental statistics are clearly labeled with an experimental statistics logo.

Users are encouraged to comment on and review the experimental statistics project by sending their comments to tilraunir@hagstofa.is.