Offences and redemption of sentences

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0.1 Name

Offences and redemption of sentences

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0.3 Responsible authority; office, division, person etc.

Lárus Blöndal
Hagstofu Íslands
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0.4 Purpose and history

The aim is to collect data on convictions and the number and type of offences in Iceland. Statistics Iceland has published some statistics for periods dating back to 1881, although there is a gap in the data collection between 1977 and 1981. Continuous information on the number of prisoners is available from 1981 and on the number of convicts from 1990. Fully comparable data for the whole contry is available from 1998, when the Office of the National Commissioner of Police began publishing data based on harmonised methods from all the commissioners of police in Iceland.

0.5 Users and application

Users are the public and students. Yearly inquiries from the United Nations and occasional inquiries from the other Nordic countries.

0.6 Sources

Data on convictions and prisoners are received from the Prison and Probation Administration. Data on the number of offences is received from The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police.

0.7 Legal basis for official statistics

Act on Statistics Iceland no. 163/2007.

0.8 Response burden

Data is received once a year in connection with the publication of the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland, Landshagir.

0.9 EEA and EU obligations

1. Contents

1.1 Description of content

Data on offences is divided by various types of offeces and whether the offence is registered in the Capital region or outside the capital region. Data on convictions and prisoners is divided by sex, types of senences and reasons for prison sentences.

1.2 Statistical concepts

2. Time

2.1 Reference periods

The calendar year.

2.2 Process time

The process time is short in the autumn in connection with the publication of the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland. The data is received almost in a final version.

2.3 Punctuality

The figures for the previous year are accessible in the autumn.

2.4 Frequency of releases

Yearly in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland and yearly releases of web tables.

3. Reliability and security

3.1 Accuracy and reliability

The data is considered reliable and accurate.

3.2 Sources of errors

3.3 Measures on confidence limits/accuracy

4. Comparison

4.1 Comparison between periods

Comparison between years is regarded as reliable.

4.2 Comparison with other statistics

4.3 Coherence between preliminary and final statistics

No preliminary figures.

5. Access to information

5.1 Forms of dissemination

Statistics, categorised statistical web tables
Statistical Yearbook of Iceland, Landshagir

5.2 Basic data; storage and usability

The data is received in Excel format and is preserved like that.

5.3 Reports

5.4 Other information

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