The first elections to the local government in the municipality of Múlaþing took place on 19 September 2020. It was a restricted proportional voting. On the electoral roll for the local elections were 3,518 or 70.2% of the total population in the municipality on 1 September 2020.

Males on the electoral roll were 1,804 (51.3%) and women 1,714 (48.7%). In the election, 2,233 voters or 63.5% of the 3,518 on the electoral roll, voted. The turnout was more then 4% lower than in the local elections for the whole country in 2018. No difference was found between the turnout of males and females as for both it was 63.5%. The number of valid votes was 2,191. There were 35 blank ballots and 7 other invalid ballots, or a total of 1.9% of the votes cast.

A total of 4 voters were assisted in voting, 3 men and 1 woman. Of this group, all were assisted in voting outside the polling station. All 4 received the assistance of an election manager or election commissioner in voting outside an election meeting.

The Independence Party received the most votes, or 29.3%, and four people elected. Next came Austurlistinn with 27.2% and three people elected. This was followed by the Left Green Movement with 13.4% and one person elected and the least support was given to the Center Party with 11.0% and one person elected.

Elected representatives by sex and political organisation in Múlaþing
People elected Percent
BProgressive Party42019,2220100,00,0
DIndependence Party64129,343175,025,0
FAusturlistinn59627,23 12 33,366,7
MThe Centre Party24011,0110100,00,0
VThe Left Green Movement29413,41010,0100,0

In parallel with the local government elections, representatives were elected to so-called local councils. All residents in the four older municipalities were candidates to the local government, but formally 18 of them voluntered. A total of 8 people were elected to the local councils, two from each municipality. The number of votes in the local government elections was 1,331 and six males and two females were elected.


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