The building cost index, compiled in the middle of September 2020, is 148.4 points (December 2009=100), 0.3% higher than in the previous month. The prices of imported materials increased by 1.2% (effect on the index 0.2%), prices of domestic materials increased by 0.2% (effect on the index 0.1%). In the last twelve months the building cost index has increased by 1.4%. The index applies to October 2020.

Planned changes on presentation of web table contents of the BCI
Statistics Iceland will in early October update the layout of statistical web (PX) tables for the building cost index. The update only affects the presentation and layout of the data, whereas the statistical content will remain unchanged. The aim of this change is to increase consistency in Statistics Iceland‘s layouts and facilitate the use of the data.

Users who already use Statistics Iceland‘s API service will need to update their connections, which will, however, become simpler. Connections providing the old version of data will remain active for a short while to ensure opportunity for updating. Further information on the main layout changes will be published with the updated tables.

Users of the building cost index who are interested in a preview of the table layouts are encouraged to send an e-mail to including their name, e-mail address and a brief description on the utilization of the data. The registration will be followed up by a link to a development preview of the tables.