Children in pre-primary schools in December 2007

  • Statistical Series
  • 15. May 2008
  • Vol 93, Issue 34
  • ISSN: 1670-4703

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In December 2007 17,446 children attended pre-primary schools in Iceland. The number of children in pre-primary schools increased by 230 since the previous year, an increase of 1.3%. There were 270 pre-primary schools operating in December 2007, an increase of three since 2006. More than 2,300 children attended 36 private pre-primary schools. A total of 25 pre-primary schools were open all year 2007, while 245 schools closed for summer holidays. In December 2007 almost one-third of one year olds attended pre-primary school and 91% of two year olds. The daily attendance continues to increase and now 86% of all children stay in school for 7 hours or more daily.

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