ÍSMENNT2011: Classification of educational attainment

  • Statistical Series
  • 04. April 2017
  • Vol 102, Issue 8
  • ISSN: 1670-4770

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This issue of the Statistical Series describes a new Icelandic national standard for the classification of educational attainment, ÍSMENNT2011. The standard is based on the international standard classification of education, ISCED 2011, while taking into account the education attained by Icelandic students from early 20th century. As in the international standard, the new classification standard, ÍSMENNT2011, divides attained education into nine levels—numbered 0 to 8—with six of the levels further subdivided. In all, educational attainment is classified into 31 educational classes. Statistics Iceland will use ÍSMENNT2011 for its own purposes; inviting others to avail themselves of the new standard should they wish.

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